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Kakise Bus Kampala To Soroti via Mbale Booking Contacts

Kakise Bus Uganda
Kakise Bus Uganda

Kakise Bus Is a One Of the Leading Bus Companies in Uganda providing first class Transport and Courier services at any affordable prices.

The Legendary Teso Owned Company whose history originates from a village in Ngora called MoruKakise, has been in the Industry for more than a decade.

The company has a well serviced high way sweeping cheater buses which used to offer daily transportation services between the Kampala city and the Eastern provinces in Uganda.

All of their buses has an Premium Insurance Cover to protect the Company and Passengers in an Unforeseen events on during the trip time.

Kakise Bus Company Fleet Line

With a good numbers of buses in their list, The company own and operates a mix of vehicles from Scania and Isuzu with a beautiful modern bodies from the East African Fabricators.

Their buses are designed in stylish and modern state of the art to give travellers what they desire on their Long Distance travel between the cities in Uganda territory.

Most of their buses features 2 by 3 seating configurations and few of them has 2 by 2. Audio Visual system are fitted on every bus to offer entertainment all the way long.

Kakise Bus Company Service Line

The company offer daily bus services from Soroti town to Kampala city and vice versa with the Day and Night Departures at an affordable prices.

They provide a wide range of planning your Trips to the desired destinations as they offer as many departures times during the day and night both in Kampala and Soroti.

Once You have planned your safari, You can Book your Tickets at their offices located in every bus terminal and stops. You can also give a calls to their office’s representatives to Book your Tickets.

Kakise Bus Company Routes & Timetable

Soroti To Kampala & Vice Versa
Day Bus
1st Bus 6.45 AM
2nd Bus 9.00 AM
3rd Bus 10.00 AM
4Tth Bus 11.00 AM
5th Bus Mid Day
Last Bus 1.00PM

Soroti To Kampala & Vice Versa
Night Bus
1st Bus 9.30 PM
2ND Bus 11.00 PM
3rd Bus 12.00 AM
4th Bus 1.00 AM
Last Bus 1.30 AM

Kakise Bus Offices & Contact Details For Enquiry

PJ79+VQ6, Soroti,

Phone: +256 772 518082

For Booking, Please Call:
Serere office 0775012759
Namasale 0774979511
Kaberamaido 0776608704
Kalaki Office 0787809023
Kumi office 0772952982
Mbale Office 0772346444
Soroti Office 0771431249 / 0752313045


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