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Jobela Star Bus Online Booking Contact And Ticket Prices

Jobela Star Bus.
Jobela Star Bus.

Jobela Star Bus Services Is a 100% Black owned bus company. They have been in the Industry for many years and they are well recognized by the customers.

It is a leader in local and long distance bus travel from the City of Cape Town to destinations in the Eastern Cape around South Africa and also operating cross boarder route from Johannesburg to Malawi.

The company strives to build continual relationships with its passengers, continually gaining an understanding of the passenger’s needs of travel and as well as future requirements.

What Fleet Used By Jobela Star Bus?

This company has a fleet of buses which are well serviced in the warehouse in Cape Town and Johannesburg, They have clean buses with trailers and arriving on time to destinations.

All their vehicles are fitted with on-board computer systems, satellite tracking monitored in-house as well as 24hour cellphone contact.

Their drivers are all well experienced, trained long distance drivers that are fully aware of the service required to satisfy their customers.

While You are traveling with Jobela Bus, You will enjoy On Board entertainment like Television services, Music system and many more.

Their buses are fitted with an A/C services all the way on travel, On board charging system for you, On Board Fridge and Also Toilets for short call.

What Services Does Jobela Star Offer?

They offer cross boarder bus transport between South Africa and Malawi countries respectively. They have a well scheduled bus timetable for convenience travel.

They offer both Passengers transport as well as Courier services between these two countries. Apart from Cross Boarder, They also offer local transport within South Africa.

Book your Ticket by visiting their Booking offices in all bus stations and their private offices out of the stations. You can also book your Tickets by calling the Customer care numbers below.

Which Routes Does Jobela Star Operates?

Below are the routes operated by the company buses with an average Prices:

 Cape Town To Ngqamakwe-Gcuwa & Idutywa via Tsomo
Cape Town To Ingcobo & Mthatha via Queenstown
Johannesburg to Malawi

Cape town to Blantyre R2200
Cape town to Lilongwe R2200
Cape town to Mzuzu R2600
Jozi to BT R1700
Jozi to LL R1700
Jozi to MZ R2100
Malawi to jozi K70,000
Malawi to cape to K100,000
Jobela Star

What Is Jobela Contact Details?

For Booking and other Inquiries about Jobela, Please Contact them on the Phone number and email below.

South Africa
Victor Building
164 Pritchard & Nuggit Street

Contact Details
Email: info@jobelastar.co.za
South Africa Contact Number: +27 84 443 4440 /1
Malawi Phone Number: +26 599 104 4010/1

Office line : 021 3611695
Alternative numbers : 0837017886/7

Jobela Star Bus Interior Views


  1. Hi. Is it possible to book the bus online and take it from eStockroad or must i book and take from town.

  2. How much to book on the 20 november for 1st december from cape town to mthatha? And do we get discount when we book for 4 people?


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