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Jammie Shuttle Contact Details And Schedule Near Me

Jammie Bus 01
Jammie Bus 01

Jammie Shuttle Is a bus service available free to all UCT students and staffs.

A fleet of more 26 buses, including a special one for disabled passengers, operates between residences, all UCT campuses and some public bus, train and parking facilities close to the university.

Their buses run to a strictly controlled schedule. Each bus is fitted with a monitoring system that allows its location to be constantly checked.

What Is Jammie Shuttle Student Timetable?

The scheduled service is available on weekdays, weekends and holidays, during both term time and vacations. It also includes a late-night service.

Timetables are posted on Jammie notice boards.
Their Shuttle is available only to the UCT community and you can be sure of safe, friendly, clean and comfortable transport at all times.

The buses are environmentally friendly and  cater for sight- and hearing-impaired students.

What Is Jammie Shuttle Route Maps And Timetable?

The Jcompany Shuttle timetable is different during term and vacation times.

Please note:
Sunday timetables apply to public holidays. The Sunday residence loop will be in effect over public holidays for all routes except Claremont and Hiddingh, where the route timetables specify Sunday and public holiday times.

All students and staff members are required to show their student/staff cards before boarding a shuttle. Passengers are advised to be at shuttle boarding points at least 5–10 minutes before departure time.

Timetables are subject to change and their website is regularly updated.


Does Jammie Has Bike Rental Services?

Yes, The Jammie Shuttle Bike Pilot Project rents bicycles to staff and students for travel to campus.

About 200 21-speed robust bicycles, branded with the Jammie Bike logo, are up for lease on an annual basis as part of a pilot project.

The scheme, managed by UCT’s Properties and Services Department and the Green Campus initiative, encourages non-motorised access to campus as part of the Campus Access Management Plan.

Jammie Shuttle Bike Rental procedures
To rent a Jammie bike, follow the steps outlined below:
Step 1: Check availability of bikes with the Jammie Shuttle office by emailing derick.muller@uct.ac.za or on +27 (0)21 685 7135. A booked bike can only be held for 48 hours.

Step 2: Download the rental contract.
Step 3: Complete the rental contract.
Step 4: Payment method

Complete the SD002 form.
For a full year’s bike rental, pay R1 800 in cash (including a refundable deposit of R800) at the cashiers in Kramer Building. The contact number is +27 (0)21 650 2207. Open weekdays from 09:00 to 15:30, except on Thursdays when they are open from 09:30 to 15:30.
Bikes can also be rented per semester for R1 300 (including a refundable deposit of R800).
Jammie Shuttle Monthly rental is R900 (refundable deposit is R400)
Weekly rental is R210 (refundable deposit is R400)
Daily rental is R30 (refundable deposit is R400)

Step 5: Make an appointment to collect with the Shuttle office at the Tugwell Terminus by sending an email to jshuttle@uct.ac.za.

Step 6: Bring the following along to the Shuttle office:
your receipt
student or staff card
identity document
cell/mobile phone number
passport and study permit (international students)

Step 7: The contract is finalised and you receive your bicycle.

Waht Is Jammie Shuttle Contact Number Details?

For Booking, Timetable and other Inquiries, Please call them on:

University Transport Services / Jammie Shuttle
Transport Office, Baxter Road

Tel: +27 (0)21 650 5289
Email: jshuttle@uct.ac.za.

derick.muller@uct.ac.za or on +27 (0)21 685 7135

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