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Isamilo Express Bus Mwanza Online Booking Contacts

isamilo bus
isamilo bus

Isamilo Express Is a Mwanza based bus company which provide Passenger Intercity services from the region to other cities and towns in Tanzania.

It is one among the best bus companies in the Lake Zone serving customer with an excellent services.

The company provide transfer services for more than 15 years and they are now grown strong with a numerous number of fleet in their list.

They have been able to expand their services to Southern Highland and Northern zone apart from Dar es salaam route.

Apart from Bus services, Owner of the Isamilo also provide Hotel services in Mwanza at the Isamilo Lodge with a good prices, Therefore if you are traveling to Mwanza their Lodge is the best place for you to relax.

Isamilo Express Bus Fleet Line

Being the champion in the Transport Industry for Lake zone regions, Isamilo own different types of fleet with Scania, Zhongtong, Yutong and Higer bus models.

They were formerly having only scania buses but in the recent years the company innovated their fleet list to Chinese machines.

They do have Ordinary and Semi Luxury buses in their list, Most of them being semi luxury Chinese machine including Asia Star bus models.

Their buses are modernized to feet your needs and below are some of the features available on their buses:

Multiple Television For Entertainment
Sound System For Music & Listening
AC Services On Some Of Their Buses
2 by 2 Reclining Seats
USB Charging System Available On Their Buses
Free WiFi also Available

Isamilo Express Bus Service Line

The company has daily intercity passenger transport services between Mwanza and other regions in Tanzania.

They have a well scheduled morning departure at each terminal with the Booking services available at their offices, agents and by calling them through those numbers listed below.

Passenger can make whose booking in advance or at the time/day of travelling. Pick up services are available at the stops point on the main road.

Isamilo Express also transit Parcels to all regions where their buses used to go with a fair charges on price. You can post your Parcels at their offices or by consulting with the drivers.

The Company Live Bus Routes

Mwanza To Dar Es Salaam
Mwanza To Dodoma
Mwanza To Moshi Via Arusha
Mwanza To Singida
Mwanza To Mbeya
Mwanza To Karagwe Via Bukoba
Mwanza To Kampala
Dodoma To Musoma

Isamilo Express Bus Office Contacts For Enquiry

Booking: 0710 693414

Shinyanga: 0756572373

Mwanza: 076377316

Dar es salaam: : 0758359773 or 0715098939

Arusha: 0683000021

Isamilo Express Bus Interior


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