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Greenline Safaris Bus Online Booking Contacts

Greenline Safaris Bus
Greenline Safaris Bus

Greenline Safaris Is a Bus Company dealing with Passenger Transport business that was incorporated in the 26th of March 2009. The company operations mainly based in Western Kenya regions with over 30 destinations.

It is the only company in it’s area of operations that has both VIP and business class hence accommodating every individual.

Their headquarters is located at Kitale town and their Nairobi main office is at OTC Temple road next to Old Jack N Jill supermarket.

Greenline Company has expanded its areas of operations to Kampala Uganda, With a daily departures in both cities.

Greenline Safaris Fleet Line

The company own a list of Semi and Luxury fleet which some of them have a VIP services to their Passengers.They are using Scania Buses with a Local made bodies from Master Fabricators, A well known Bus builder company in Kenya.

Their Buses are of Modern Styles and when You have chosen to Travel with this Bus company, You Will enjoy the following features and services:

2 by 2 Reclining Seats For Business Class
2 By 1 Relining Seats For VIP Class
Large Plasma LCD Television
Modern Sound System With Self Listening Speaker
Free WiFi Services
Charging System On Each Seat

The Company Service Line

Greenline Safaris operates in Western Kenya regions providing daily intercity passenger transport with over 30 destinations.

They are boasting themselves that is the only company in it’s area of operations that has both VIP and business class hence accommodating every individual.

They make sure your arrive safely to your destination in Western regions of Kenya and the heart of Uganda city centre known as Kampala.

They offer a wide range of prices both for Business class and VIP to various routes that ensures your best travel experience.

Greenline Safaris also doing a Parcel transfer services with affordable prices, They ensure secure and good parcel handling of our customers from pick up to delivery.

Bus Routes And Timetable

Nairobi To Kitale
Nairobi To Malaba
Nairobi To Bungoma
Nairobi To Kampala

Nairobi to Kampala via Busia @ 5pm and via Malaba @ 7pm

5pm Nairobi – Busia – Kampala
5pm Kampala – Busia – Nairobi

7pm Nairobi – Malaba – Kampala
7pm Kampala – Malaba – Nairobi

8pm Kampala – Malaba – Nakuru

Greenline Safaris Office Contacts For Enquiry

Kampala office is located at Namayiba Bus Park
Nairobi office located along Duruma Road next to Texas Club

Address: Ruvuma Ln, Nairobi, Kenya
Phone: +254 798 546817

Chuck Taylor: +255 772 546 700

Address: Kitale
Shephard Arcade Building
P.o Box 3034 Kitale

Email: [email protected]

Phones: +254719308288

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