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Friends Bus Kampala Online Booking Contact Number

friends coach
friends coach

Friends Bus & Coaches Uganda LTD is a passenger bus company that travels to Dar es salaam, Bukob, Mwanza, Dodoma, Juba and as far as Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique and many other destinations all the way from Kampala city.

They provide fast, reliable, safe and convenient journeys from kampala to the above mentioned destinations. Their Terminal and booking offices located at Old Kampala behind old Kampala police station.

For assured comfort and safety mindful bus, choose friend coaches for convenient traveling Friends Coaches , Your safety is their priority and your comfort assured.

They have a well customized coaches for Long Distance trip with a comfortable seats and on board entertainment as well.

Friends Bus & Coaches Fleet Line

Being One Of the Biggest and Giant bus company in Uganda, Friend Coaches own a mix of fleet and they have Scania, Nissan Ud and Chinese Yutong and Zhongton in their list.

Most of their Chinese buses are operating those single day routes, But most of their long distance travel are operated by Scania and Nissan UD buses for the best performance.

Friends Bus & Coaches are well designed to give a travelers what they do expect from their buses. Below are some of the features which are available on their buses:

2 By 2 Reclining Seats With Enough Legroom
Arm Rest For A Comfortable Travel
Multiple Television For Entertainment
Modern Sound System For Music & Listening
Air Conditioning Services On Some Buses
Overhead Reading Lights & Speakers

Friends Bus & Coaches Service Line

Friends Coaches provide a daily transport services in Uganda to various destinations within the country.

Also the company provide cross boarder bus services to East African regions and nearest regions like Congo, Zambia and Sudan.

They have a daily scheduled services within Uganda for their Local route and in East Africa as well but they have a specific day schedule in other country like Zambia and Congo.

Friends Bus & Coaches transit Parcel and small luggage at a fair prices to all regions within East Africa as well as Central Africa regions like Congo.

Contact them with the number provided below to arrange your trips or even a transportation of your Parcels.

Friends Bus Routes & Average Prices

Route From Kampala To:
Dar 165,000
Morogoro 155,000
Singida 105,000
Kahama 80,000
Nzega 100,000
Dodoma 125,000
Bukoba 30,000
Mwanza 65,000
Geita 55,000
Chato 55,000

All Prices In Ugx, You can convert to your country currency

Friends Bus Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

P.O.Box 3555 kampala Uganda
located at plot 152 khamis Rood, block 9 kampala uganda
Address: Gadafi Rd, Kampala, Uganda

Kampala (Call/WhatsApp)
+256 200 766100, +256 782 693337

+255 762 287 979
+255 784 833 131
+255 679 797 947
+255 626 686 858


  1. Yes sir how are you
    Brother we want bring parsil from Kampala to mwanza
    Wich is only one laptop and 2 very small spear parts
    He got charges 70000 tanzania shillings
    Your staff promise we will give in aftrer one day
    Wich is we received in mwanza after one week but here staff one again demanding 10.000
    Wich is totally 80000
    One pesenger tikt only 45000
    And one laptop chargers 80000 wich is not good
    I want give notice to his incharg or boss you have to know how treated your staff with your customer passenger

  2. Am gonna sue your bus company as soon ad possible due to negligence of your conductor shabani whom they gave my parcel on Friday and didn’t delivery it to me instead gave it to someone I don’t know.I will pay me and pay for the parcel.

  3. Good evening.,

    How much does it cost from Kampala to Lilongwe, Malawi

  4. I am suppose to receive my glassess today na nipo Dar kapewa Faraji but sina his TZ numbers nisaidieni
    My number..0655032595

  5. I am traveling to Dar es salaam on Sunday the 15th October, I would like to know how much it cost and what is the departure time .. thank you

  6. We (2 people) would like to travel by bus from Dodoma to Kampala today or tomorrow. Can we get that chance?

  7. Am in zambia I want to travel to Uganda,how do I connect my self to your transport

  8. Hello Sir,
    I would like to know the ticket price from Kampala to Mwanza.

  9. What time and what days do u start to travel from Kampala to dares Salam

      • The numbers are not answering a very time you call especially the Uganda number

    • Am calling the contact number for Uganda and I’ve sent a massage on WhatsApp but no one is responding.

  10. do you have direct bus from lusaka to kampala. and where to find you in lusaka

  11. Hi please the Ugandan Number is not being picked please do mind sharing another number

    I have a client in GiSENYI

  12. the number provided nobody picks them up , its very upsetting , and yet you put it as online booking? and there is no alternative number provided

  13. Hello sir, am asking that do you travel from Kampala to Zimbabwe or only stop in Tanzania. Thanks.

  14. Hello am Deogracias k,i would to travel too back to Kampala do have any bus heading tomorrow

  15. Hello sir,
    I would like to know the ticket price from Kampala to dar es salaam mbezi bus terminal.
    Thanks for your time.

  16. What route do you take from Dodoma to Kampala?

    I want to travel from Dodoma to Kampala but not via Dar.


  17. I would love to catch your bus from Lusaka to Kampala how much can cost time for departure plz.im in botswana


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