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Flixbus USA Phone Number, Tickets, Map, Reviews

Flixbus USA Setra
Flixbus USA Setra

Flixbus USA Is a Germany Transport Company which specialize in Passengers as well as Parcels transit in more than 26 countries around the world especially in Europe and America.

This German bus company opened its first connections in the United States since May 2018, having already established its office in Los Angeles.

Famed for its signature green buses, The company is committed to offering affordable, comfortable and eco friendly alternatives to travel.

Flixbus USA was founded in 2011 in Germany, and is now one of the largest long distance bus providers in Europe and USA.

The company is represented by national branches, such as FlixBus Italia, FlixBus France and FlixBus Nordics.

Flixbus USA Company Fleet Line

The Company have a modern fleet to transport you anywhere in California, Their buses uses modern Technology to give you a comfort travel all the way long.

You will never regret to travel with this bus company, Below are the features available on their buses:

You will always be able to avoid boredom thanks to our free WiFi on board their buses, You can spend your journey surfing the Internet, chatting with friends and checking your emails all at 4G speed!

Flixbus USA also guarantees you a seat with extra legroom. Their modern buses are equipped with comfortable seats and plenty of space. All seats have adjustable backrests and are comfortable even on longer trips.

Snacks & Drinks
You will always be well looked after with this company, low cost snacks and drinks can be bought on board. You can purchase these easily from their friendly drivers.

Plug sockets
Want to surf the Internet, chat or work on your laptop, but your battery is dead?

No problem! Just look out for the socket symbol or ask our friendly drivers where to find one of the many outlets in their Flixbus USA.

Still have a few minutes until you reach your stop? No reason to be nervous! There is a toilet on board of all their buses.

Rolling Entertainment
Each Bus features a free state of the art onboard entertainment system. Available to every person via the FlixBus App, their offerings are diverse to make the ride custom fit your personal style.

Watch the latest blockbuster movies, read from our database of books and magazines, listen to audiobooks while enjoying the landscapes, or get addicted to one of our video games…all without putting a dent in your wallet (or your data plan).

Flixbus USA GPS Live Tracking
They have fitted GPS tracking with a moving map in their buses to show where your bus is currently situated, your estimated time of arrival and directions on how to find your bus stop in case you’re unsure.

Also available through the FlixBus App, it’s just another feature our robust team of developers (more than 200 techies in total) created to help our passengers revel in the journey.

Flixbus Baggage Allowance
Each FlixBus has plenty of space for your baggage. In order for your trip to be as pleasant and safe as possible we ask you to read the following points carefully.

Generally your ticket includes the free transportation of:
One item of hand baggage (max. 42 x 30 x 18 cm, max. 7kg)
1 travel baggage item (max. 80 x 50 x 30 cm (31.5 x 19.7 x 11.9 in), some deviations in dimensions allowed for max. size of all sides of 160 cm (63.0 in), max. 20kg (44.1 lbs)

Flixbus USA Company Service Line

They offers connections throughout the southwest, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, Tucson and Phoenix, and plans to add more routes throughout the year.

Like in Europe, FlixBus focuses on marketing, scheduling and booking operations, and works with regional, medium-sized bus companies.

Their Coaches is perfectly adapted to the requirements of modern travelers. As a rule, enough sockets are available sometimes even at each double seat.

Flixbus USA also offers free Wi-Fi to keep passengers entertained during long bus trips. Even appetites are tended to with snacks and drinks being available for purchase at reasonable prices on board.

Should there be a delay, They will always provide up to date information about estimated arrival and departure times on its homepage.

More information about the bus amenities and services of the bus provider FlixBus

WiFi on Board
Power Plugs
Extra legroom
Compartments for hand-luggage
Luggage transportation
Delay message via SMS
Discount for frequent passengers / members

extra charges:

Bike storage
Bulky luggage transportation

Flixbus USA Company Routes And Destinations

Las Vegas To Los Angeles
Tucson To San Diego
Anaheim To Yuma
Phoenix To Las Vegas
Riverside To Los Angeles
Bullhead City To Henderson
Burbank To Las Vegas
Flagstaff To Phoenix
Palm Springs To Los Angeles
Los Angeles To Tempe
Las Vegas, To Burbank
San Francisco To Long Beach
San Francisco To San Diego
Los Angeles To San Diego
Phoenix To Palm Springs

Flixbus USA Offices And Contacts For Enquiry

San Jose
2200 Eastridge Loop San Jose, CA 95122 United States
Phone number +1 (855) 626-8585

Primary Contact
Daniel Hirsch
Senior Manager Customer Service (U.S Customers only)
12575 Beatrice Street
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Secondary Contact
Pierre Gourdain
Managing Director of FlixBus USA
Birketweg 33
München 80639

Chief Executive
Jochen Engert
Managing Director
Birketweg 33
München 80639




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