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Esther Luxury Coach Online Booking Contact, Timetable

Esther Luxury Coach

Esther Luxury Coach Is one among the leading Bus Companies in Tanzania that provide best luxurious Passengers transport in the country.

Since it’s establishment, The company bring about stiff competitions to other companies in the Industry by challenging them with the quality of services they offer to their customers.

The company brings an Ideal innovation in the Passengers transportation Industry and they have managed to build a well recognized Brand among travelers in the country.

What Fleet Used By Esther Luxury Coach?

The company own and operates only Chinese Yutong buses, Most of them are the latest model of the manufacturer’s brand.  All of these buses are newly imported.

Their buses comes with Interior custom design, features and services to offer their customers what they do desire on their Long Distance Travel in the country.

All of their buses have Premium Insurance cover to protect the company Assets as well as Passengers and other customers value on unforeseen events.

Below are some of the Amenities and Services which are available on Esther Luxury Coach:

2 By 2 Reclining Seats With Enough Legroms
Arm Rest On Every Seat
Audio Visual For Entertainment And Announcement
Air Conditioner With Individual Control Panel
USB Charging Ports On Every Seat For Your Smartphones
Overhead Reading Lights And Luggage Compartment
Free WiFi Services For Internet Access
On Board Free Drinks And Snacks

What Services Does Esther Luxury Coach Offer?

They offer daily scheduled transportation services from the Business city of Dar es salaam to other regions in the country especially those in the central and northern zone.

The company transports both Passengers and Parcels at an affordable prices depending on the Class of a respective bus you have chosen during the Booking process.

Booking of Tickets can be made at their offices located within all bus terminals and their private offices out of the bus terminals. You can also Book a Ticket by calling them.

Which Routes Does Esther Luxury Coach Operates?

Their buses operates on the following routes:

Singida To Dar es salaam
Destination: Gogo La Mboto
Reporting Time: 05:30, 06.30, 07.00
Bus Fare: 46,000

Dodoma To Dar es salaam
Destination: Mbagala
Reporting Time: 09:30, 10.45, 11.00
Bus Fare: 31,000

Kiomboi To Dar es salaam
Destination: Shekilango
Bus Fare: 45,000
Reporting Time: 07:40

Dar es salaam To Moshi, Arusha, Karatu
Chanika Time Out 02:30 Night
G/mboto Time Out 03:00 Night
Shecklango Time Out 03:20 Night
Bus Fare TSH.50,000

Esther Luxury Coach VIP Bus No. 2
Kitunda Time Out 04:00 Morning
Banana Time Out 04:10 Morning
Shecklango Time Out 04:30 Morning

Dar es salaam To Singida via Dodoma
Mbezi Magufuli Bus Time Out 20:00 Night

Singida To Dar es salaam
Misuna terminal 20:30 Night

Tarakea/Rombo To Dar es salaam
Time Out 17:00 Evening

Arusha To Dar es salaam, Shekilango
Time Out Arusha Station 17:00 Evening
Bus Fare Tsh. 44,000

Dar es salaam To Arusha via Moshi
Shecklango Time Out 19:30 Night

Dar es salaam To Rombo
Shecklango Time Out 19:30 Night
Bus Fare: Tsh 40,000

What Is The Company Contact Details?

For Booking And Other Inquiry To Esther Luxury Coach, Please Call:

Booking: 0759130130
Customer Service: 0222211610
Help Line: 0718558736

Esther Luxury Coach Interior Seats


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  3. Now days you are scorning you customers, Um dialing you numbers the whole day and no response!

  4. Your words are not polite to customers, your staff has bad customer care. This is not the right way to handle your customers and it could affect your business in the long run. Please fix this.

  5. How much is the Parcel charges from Dar to Arusha?

  6. Upgrade your services, I dialed up all number and they are not reacheable!

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