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Things To Do In Dar es salaam And Hangout Places

Dar es salaam

Dar es Salaam iI the largest business city and financial hub of Tanzania. It is a region which has the biggest number of people With a population of over six million people.

It is known as the largest city in East Africa and the sixth largest in Africa. Located on the Swahili coast, Dar es Salaam is an important economic centre and is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world.

This town was founded by Majid bin Said, the first Sultan of Zanzibar in 1865. It was known as the main administrative and commercial center of German East Africa, Tanganyika and later on Tanzania.

Dar es Salaam is Tanzania’s most prominent city for arts, fashion, media, film, television, and finance. Dar es salaam is a region among 31 regions of Tanzania and it consists of five districts:

Kinondoni in the north; Ilala in the centre; Ubungo and Temeke in the south; and Kigamboni in the east across the Kurasini estuary.

Things To Do And Places To Visit In Dar es salaam

1. National Museum and House of culture
– It was opened in 1940, within this museum you will find a lot of thing about the remain of human fossils of some of earliest human ancestors from Olduvai George. The place is daily opened around 9:30 a.m to 6:00 p.m and cost about Tsh. 6500 per each adult.

2. Beach refreshing
– Among of the beach which found in Dar es salaam is coco beach and Nungwi beach which are most likely beach in Dar es salaam. Coco beach is among and the most popular beach found in Dar es salaam which is located in neighborhood of Oyster Bay on Masasini Peninsula which contains golden and palm fringed shore, within the beach you can swim and doing other activities like playing football, volleyball and others, also there are some restaurants and hotels where you can get some foods, drinks and sleep.
– Historically, a lot of people goes during humid summer day.

3. Askari Monument.
– This memorize about the African troops who fought as the carrier corps in world war 1, when you stay close to that monument you can be able to take the photo easily for your self life memories. The Askari monuments found at Azikwe street which also known as Mkataba street and Samora Avenue in Dar es salaam. The inscription in praise of the brave soldiers written by the famous British poet and the writer Rudyard Kiling.

4. Bagamoyo Island.
-Here you can discover a lot of things about Indian Ocean, the water are clean and suitable for swimming and other water sports, so you can spend a whole day snorkeling, lazing in the sand beach or eating fries, fish and also search for the coral reefs for angel fish, clown fish, sea creatures, the areas is also contain baobab tree behind the beach. To reach the Bagamoyo Island can take up to 30 minutes which can cost $20 dollars for each trip.

5. Tingatinga Art Center (Tingatinga Art Cooperative Society) which found nearly Oyster Bay where you can discover the unique paint objects of African Culture. It is common dealing with colorful imaginative such as animal, people and plants which are drawn in the bright color. An artistic movement that began with Edward Said Tingatinga, the style which characterize by extremely bright oil colors and cartoon imaginative figures. Tingatinga center is a rain bow of color and artistic inspiration, so you can be able to buy them all you want.

6. Shopping in dare s salaam
-In Dar es salaam you can be able to buy a lot of things apart from food, home and kitchen appliances, so you can be able to buy the local traditional objects such as jewels, bags and other traditional clothes and local souvenir also you can buy minerals tanzanite and gold, and others but kivukoni fish market is for species from Indian ocean. It is all most every thing from Tanzania can be found there because it is mother of business center in Tanzania.

7. Museum Village
– Here you can find some Tanzanian’s 120 ethnic groups across 15 areas and you can learn about traditions, customs, craft and norms of Africans. Also you can discover some dwellings which are constructed and materials used, also the museum host by tribal dances and other cultural activities of a certain tribal. You can use this address to guide you reach there which is Bagamoyo road, Kijitonyama.

8. Azania Lutheran Church
– This is the ionic structure which was built by the group of German Missionaries at harbor in 1898, the features of the church is Ionic structure, has beautiful garden, has a red tiles roof and contain amazing bell tower.

9. St. Joseph Cathedral
– It is also built by the group members of German Missionaries around 1897 to 1902 and it is also prominent building within the harbor and acts as main cathedral for the archdiocese in Dar es salaam.

10. Temple road
– Here is where you can discover and learn about Hindu cultures and see some unique architectures or Hindu faith.

11. Kivukoni Fish Market.
– Most of restaurateurs, hoteliers, and other people in Dar es salaam are most likely of fish from Indian Ocean, here you can purchase fresh fish, seafood that has already been cleaned, cooked and prepared.

12. Mwenge wood carvers’ Village
– Here the local Souvenir are found which can make you wonder about those African Local fan. The artists who create are specialize in African scultures that are carved out from timber, you will also see some locally made such as clothes, masks, bags, kitchenware and clothes.

Dar es salaam City


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