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Chihuahuenses Ojinaga a Chihuahua Teléfono, Facturación & Paqueteria

Around 1940, the cooperative arises that gives rise to the renowned Transportes Chihuahuenses bus line, which in the mid-sixties began to offer first-class service on the Mexico to Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua route.

Before 1980 the Estrella Blanca Group acquired all the Chihuahuenses buses. Throughout its history, Chihuahuenses has offered the best travel experience, connecting the main cities and communities of Mexico with quality service; always keeping the promise of comfort with modern units equipped with high security standards.

Chihuahuenses Fleet Line

They have a variety of buses in their list, Most of them being the well known brands like Marcopolo and Irizar. All of these buses are powered by Scania and Volvo chases and all of them being an original buses.

Chihuahuenses buses are equipped with the elements to make the road a better experience.

Reclining Seats
Enjoy the road with more space to travel as you like

TVs on board
Have fun on the road with the best premiere movies

Electric connections
Charge your portable devices on the go

Air conditioning
Adjust the airflow from your seat

Individual cabins with sinks for women and men

Chihuahuenses Service Line

Transportes Chihuahuenses is an important bus company in Mexico, serving in several locations. It operates vast bus routes connecting the main cities and locations in the country.

Transportes Chihuahuenses offers a range of daily bus schedules to serve all passengers with excellence.

They have a morning, afternoon and night departure in most of their destinations. Their bus drivers, Hos, Hostess and Servants have a professional skill in giving you the best services to your destinations.

Booking of tickets can be made directly at the counter at the bus station but the most comfortable and time saver method is buying your Transportes Chihuahuenses bus ticket online directly on yellow link at the end of this post.

Commonly, you can buy online using a credit card. Other options, less quicker, is to book by phone.

Chihuahuenses Bus Routes

Tijuana To San Luis Río Colorado
Ciudad Juarez To Durango
San Luis Potosi To Aguascalientes
Tecate To Tijuana
San Luis Potosi To Tijuana
Ciudad Juarez To Tijuana
Tijuana To Durango
Fresnillo To Tijuana
Ciudad Juarez To Guadalajara
Tecate To Mexicali
Mazatlan To Guadalajara
Durango To Tijuana
Durango To Mazatlan
Tijuana To Tecate
Hermosillo To Agua Prieta
Tijuana To Chihuahua
Fresnillo To Guadalajara
Mexicali To Tecate
Tijuana To Magdalena De Kino
Parral To Chihuahua
Río Grande To Fresnillo
Mexico City To Tijuana
Ciudad Juarez  To Parral
Durango To Mexico City

Chihuahuenses Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Interior de la República: 800 507 5500
México Distrito Federal: 5729 0807


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