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BoltBus Seattle To Vancouver Phone Number, Reviews


BoltBus was established by Greyhound in the year 2008 to compete with the Curbside and Chinatown bus in the Northeast.

The establishment follow just after Greyhound and Peter Pan Bus Lines has faced increasing competition from those companies in the regions.

Later on Boltbus expanded their routes and They are now offering a premium and non stop bus services in many regions of the United States.

Their premium service based on Northeast and along the west coast where they make a partnership with other acquired Greyhound bus company, Peter Pan.

BoltBus Coach Company Fleet Line

In all of their routes, The company use Prevost X3-45and MCI D4505 coaches.

Their buses have 5 fewer seats than the industry standard, giving passengers additional legroom and eliminating the middle seat from the last row.

This low cost intercity bus service features WiFi, reserved seating, plug ins and extra leg room in addition to their bargain fares.

Every trip, one seat is sold at random for just $1, while the rest are usually around $10-20.

BoltBus Coach Company Service Line

Different from what Greyhound used to do, At Bolt Bus tickets sold are for reserved seating and buses are not oversold.

The company sells the $1 tickets at random within the first few seats sold. The $1 fare is the basis for its slogan ‘Bolt for a Buck’.

Since buses don’t operate out of traditional stations with ticket windows, passengers are encouraged to purchase tickets either online or on the phone before heading to the bus stop.

But drivers will also accept cash from passengers, if space is available (walk-up tickets typically cost 30% more than online fares).

BoltBus Routes And Average Fares/Prices

New York to Washington $24
New York to Boston $28
Boston to New York $28
Washington to New York $25
Vancouver to Seattle $30
New York to Philadelphia $11
Philadelphia to New York $12
Seattle to Vancouver $26
New York to Baltimore $25
Baltimore to New York $26
BoltBus Seattle to Portland $30
Washington to Newark $28
Newark to Washington $27
Portland to Seattle $27
Boston to Newark $30
Boston to Philadelphia $39
Newark to Boston $28
Washington to Philadelphia $22
Newark to Philadelphia $15
Vancouver to Bellingham $13
Philadelphia to Washington $22

BoltBus Tracker
Bolt Bus have Tracker for all of their buses which is the best way to stay updated about where’s your transportation. Through You get real time updates anywhere about your current bus trip.

Stay aware of estimate time from Boltbus arrivals and departures at any moment. Go to Boltbus tracker to check your bus schedule update.

BoltBus Tickets For 1 Dollar
In every schedule, every day, there are Bolt Bus 1 dollar fares, It’s available for all locations and trips.

This type of promotional ticket to the first handful of seats sold. The earlier you book your Boltbus ticket, easier will be to pay less.

BoltBus Baggage Allowance
BoltBus allows just one piece of baggage on the bus luggage carrier. You can bring with yourself two small bags inside the bus. Ask the staff for any assistance if needed.

BoltBus Offices And  Contacts For Enquiry

To contact them, simply e-mail us at customerservice@boltbus.com or call us at 1-877-BOLTBUS (1-877-265-8287).

To speak directly with an operator or book Advance Purchase Fares via telephone, please call 1-877-BOLTBUS (1-877-265-8287).

A $3 telephone processing fee will be assessed to any ticket purchased at that time.

For inquiries by the media, please e-mail Customer Care Unity at: customerservice@boltbus.com




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