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Alma Air Bus Nairobi Online Booking Contacts

Alma Air Bus
Alma Air Bus

Alma Air Bus Is one among the best bus company which provide daily scheduled intercity services between the Nairobi city To Garissa.

Their Buses passes through Thika town and Mwingi before reaching the final destination in Garissa.

They are proud to be the first class leading, reliable and modern transport service provider.This is not an oral narrative but a clear genesis of truth.

With more than 15 branches connecting different counties including Nairobi, Thika, Mwingi, Garissa and several others, Alma air bus service boast as a customer oriented service provider.

Alma Air Bus Fleet Line

Their Fleet list is categorized by a list of Scania bus model with a well designed bodies from Master Fabricators, A well known body builder in Kenya.

Their Buses are Classic and are of modern style to give you a unique views and comfortability while you travel with them.

When You make a choice to travel with Alma Bus, You will get and enjoy the following features as well as services:

Catering Services To Passengers And Customers
Television Services From Large Plasma LCD
Free WiFi Services
2 By 2 Reclining Seats
Charging System On Each Seat
Aid Services
Reliable Customer Care Services
Enough Legrooms For You Comfort

Alma Air Bus Service Line

The company serves Passengers and Customers between Nairobi City and Garissa passing through some other towns in between the two destinations.

They offer daily bus services with a Safe driving on the road to arrive you safely in your destinations.

They also offer Parcel Transfer services between the two destination with a reliable prices depending the nature and size of the respective Parcels.

Booking Of your Tickets can be made at Alma Air Bus offices located in each bus terminals or You can get your tickets by contacting their Agents as well as reaching their Offices through those Phone Number listed below this post.

The company Bus Routes And Timetable

Nairobi To Thika
Nairobi To Mwingi
Nairobi To Garissa

3:30pm and 9:00am In Nairobi & Garissa Respectively

The Company Office Contacts For Enquiry

Garissa Office: Call +254 700 030770
Nairobi Office: Call +254 791 088729


  1. I’ve just driven from Thika to Ngoliba, arriving at Ngoliba at 1325, and was appalled by the standard of driving of one of your buses.
    I didn’t get the number but you will know which one by the time.
    I was overtaken by the bus when I was traveling at 100kph, the bus then stopped in the road at Makongoni and overtook it and then it passed me once again by Kenchic forcing a car to pull right off the road. Once again I was traveling at 100kph.
    I don’t know if you condone this sort of driving but I guess you must as you allow your buses to travel at 120+ kph when the legal limit is 80kph.
    Its no wonder that Kenya has one of the worst fatality records in the world with drivers like that being allowed on the road.
    Please do something about it.

  2. Been calling to book today afternoon bus no one is picking my call what’s the pronlem


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