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Ally’s Star Bus Dar es salaam Contacts & Online Booking

Allys Star Bus.
Allys Star Bus.

Ally’s Star Bus Is a Tanzania Passenger transport company based in Mwanza region.

They are specialized in a Passengers and Parcels transfer services from Mwanza city to other regions and towns of the Lake Zone ares as well as long distance travel to Dar es salaam and other towns.

The company provide transportation services for more than 10 years.

They have started their business by serving the Lake Zone regions before expanding to other towns and cities in Tanzania especially the Central Zone and Eastern Zone regions.


Ally’s Star Bus Fleet Line

The company have a variety of Bus brand from a Chinese bus manufactures, They also have a few Scania buses doing a local routes in the Lake Zone regions.

Their buses ranging from Golden Dragon, Kinglong and Yutong models, All of these are newly imported from China.

Ally’s Star Bus are Clean and smart, They uses a latest Technology and are comfortable for a long distance travel.

Their buses are designed to cater for Traveler demand prevailing in the Tanzanian Markets.

Once You Have Chosen to travel with Ally’s Star Bus, You will enjoy the following on board features and services:

2 By 2 Reclining Seats With Belts
USB Charging Port On Each Seat
Enough Legroom For Comfrt Travel
Television Services From Multiple Tv On Each Side
Modern Sound System With Self Speaker
Air Conditioning Services
Free Soft Drinks (Not All Routes)
Free WiFi Services


Ally’s Sport Bus Service Line

The company offer daily Passenger transfer services from Rock City (Mwanza) to other regions in Tanzania. They have buses to Dar es salaam, Tanga, Shinyanga, Tabora, Geita and other Lake Zone Towns.

They have a Morning departure for a Long Distance travel and afternoon departure for short distance travel for neighboring towns.

Ally’s Star Bus transfer Parcel to all destinations where their Passenger buses used to go.

Their prices are affordable to every one, and they are charged depending on the nature and size of the respective Parcels.

Booking of the Tickets can be made at their offices which are available in all Bus terminals as well as their company offices which are out of the terminals.

You can also make a booking of your Tickets online by making a call their offices or Agents through those contact numbers listed below this post.


Ally’s Star Bus Tanzania Routes

Mwanza To Dar es salaam Via Dodoma
Shinyanga To Dar es Salaam Via Dodoma
Mwanza To Urambo 
Mwanza To Mpanda 
Mwanza To Tanga Via Arusha
Mwanza To Kaliua
Shinyanga To Mwanza
Dar es salaam To Bariadi Via Dodoma


Ally’s Star Bus Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

P. O . Box 2037
Geita, Mwanza, 

Dar es salaam_0743999898


  1. Nataka tiketi katika basi la ALLY’S STAR Tarehe 02/10/2021 basi la kwanza la kutoka Dododma to Mwanza

  2. naomba kujua nauli zenu kutoka Dar es salaam kwenda mwanza ni shilingi ngapi kwa mtu mmoja. na je kama ninasafiri na mtoto wa miaka saba nauli yake inapungua au analipa nauli ya mtu mzima. naomba kupata hayo majibu maana natarajia kusafiri wiki ijayo na ningependa kusafiri na bus lenu.

  3. Naona baadhi ya agent zenu wanataka kuchafua jina lenu, mimi nimefanya booking alhamisi kwa ajili ya safari ya leo nikaakikishiwa ni bus namba 1 ila leo kufika stand naambiwa nipande bus namba 2 sijapenda kabisa na sina imani tena na kampuni yenu kwa hilo.

    • Very Sorry for the bad experiences you had with those Agents, Please report the situation to their office through Contact numbers listed on this post. Thank You

  4. I want Ticket for tomorrow from Mbeya to Bariadi

  5. Give us your valid fares there is nothing tedious like finding someone who is going to the same place but has paid Tsh 60000 while I have paid Tsh 65000, This isn’t right.

  6. We need to have a direct Ally’s bus from Ukerewe to Dar es salaam, Please consider our request

  7. Do you have luxury bus from Mwanza/Shinyanga to Dar es Slaam? If yes, what is the fare

  8. Do you have a Bus from Dodoma to Dsm? if yes I want to know bus fare from dodoma to dsm

    • There is no bus starting from Dodoma to Dsm, But there some buses from Mwanza to Dsm via dodoma, Average price is Tsh. 24000


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