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Al Saedy Bus Online Booking Contact Number And Price

Al Saedy Bus.
Al Saedy Bus.

Al Saedy Bus popular known as Al Saedy High Class Is one among the most popular bus company in Tanzania. They have been in the transport industry for more than 20 years.

The company have their Headquarter in Morogoro region and they are providing daily intercity bus services in the country. Their routes plies from Dar es salaam to the Southern Highland zone, Central zone and several districts in Morogoro region.

The company dominates most of the major routes in Morogoro and they have managed to dominate some other major routes to Iringa and Mbeya regions.

It is one among the few companies in Tanzania which have a large number of fleet which are well maintained in their workshop in Morogoro.

Which Fleet Used By Al Saedy Bus?

The company own a large number of Chinese Fleet of buses like Yutong, and Zhongtong Which are newly imported. These are latest and modern buses which uses current technology.

They operate a Semi Luxury and Ordinary buses according to standards provided by LATRA. Their buses doesn’t have uniform color scheme instead every group of buses have different colors.

Their buses have custom interior design and features for stylish traveling, And below are some of those features as well as services:
2 By 2 Reclining Seats With Enough Legroom
USB Charging Ports On Every Seat For Some Buses
Multiple Television For Passenger Entertainment
Good Sound System For Music & Listening
Overhead Reading Lights & Speaker
Air Conditioning Services On Some Buses
Free WiFi On Some Buses

Which Services Does Al Saedy Bus Offer?

The company is popular for Passengers transport as well as courier services from Dar es salaam to up country regions. Most of their routes goes to Central and Southern Highland regions.

The company have daily scheduled transfer services with a morning departures in all towns as well as afternoon and evening departures in some towns and cities.

Book your Ticket by visiting their Offices or Agents in all Bus stations. You can also make a booking of your Tickets by calling the directly through those contact number listed below this post.

What Is Al Saedy Bus Routes And Prices?

Below are the popular Bus routes covered by this company within the mainland Tanzania.

Dar Es Salaam To Tabora AM & PM Tsh. 55,000
Dar Es Salaam To Mbeya Am & PM Tsh. 56,000
Dar Es Salaam To Dodoma Tsh. 31,000
Dar Es Salaam To Iringa Tsh. 30,000
Dar Es Salaam To Morogoro
Dar Es Salaam To Kilosa
Dar Es Salaam To Ifakara
Dar Es Salaam To Mahenge
Dar Es Salaam To kilombero
Al Saedy Bus Dar Es Salaam To Mpwapwa

What Is AlSaedy High Class Contact Number?

For Booking, Timetable And Other Inquiries to Al Alsaedy High Class, Please Call:

Morogoro Road,
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


DAR :: +255 657 434221
IRINGA :: +255 657 424222

Al Saedy Bus Interior Seats



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