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Adams Luxliner Bus Services Contacts, Quotes For Hire

Adams Luxliner1
Adams Luxliner1

Adams Luxliner Transport Is the bus company in South Africa which established to provide travell services to the community.

This company was started in 1976 by James Alfred Adams and his wife Cornelia with their five sons as a family business offering transportation services to their local communitie.

It serves communities in Ravensmead and surrounding areas, after identifying a gap in the market as a public transport service provider.

James managed the business until 1989 when his son Donovan took over and named it Adams Taxis.

Over time the focus of the business shifted from taxis to mainline bus services and was named Adams Luxliner from which it grew till where it stands today.

Adams Luxliner Bus Services Insurance

Comprehensive insurance is held on all our vehicles and is managed by Venshaw Insurance Brokers.

They have established a long term relationship with our brokers and have been under their care for approximately 10 years.

Adams Bus Services Passenger Liability
Passenger safety remains their first priority, apart from regularly servicing of the vehicles to maintain the safe and reliable condition of each.

They have insured separately a passenger liability for any loss or claim against the company should any passenger be affected by an accident or suffer loss as a result of using our services.

Adams Luxliner Passenger liability is insured with Venshaw Insurance Brokers and is fully comprehensive.

Adams Bus Company Service Line

Schools and Colleges
Daily transport services for learners to and from schools as well as West Coast FET College. They also supply transport services for excursions and recreational outings.

Charter Services
They supply charter services for various Businesses, Schools, Church groups etc in and around the Western Cape. Services include End of year functions, Daily trips, Tour around the peninsula, day outings to recreational parks and day camping sites.

Adams Luxliner Republic
They specialize in servicing annual republic tours organized by various tour group operators and transport them around the Republic of South Africa. Areas include, JHB, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, Sun City, Lesotho and Swaziland etc.

Long Distance
Transport services for long distance trips are supplied to various clients for trips around the Republic of South Africa. Trips include, Business Conferences, Sports Tours, Church Conferences, Family trips etc.

Adams Luxliner Funeral Transport
They assist their local community in the Northern Suburbs with transport services in their time of need. Services include transports from home to church, cemetery or Crematorium and back home.

Special Hire
Their Services include hiring of vehicles for film shoots, Advertisements, photo shoots, staff outsourcing transport.

Adams Luxliner Office Contacts For Enquiry

Physical Address:14 Tredoux Street
Beaconvale, Parow Industria
Tel: +27 21 931 2794
Tel: +27 21 931 0257
Fax: +27 21 931 9122
Fax: 086 580 9477
Email: info@adamsluxliner.co.za
Email: adamsbus@mweb.co.za
DJ Adams: +27 82 928 1067
DS Adams +27 84 791 3991
WJ Adams +27 84 780 4391
JP Adams +27 82 958 5121



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