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ACK Logistics Bus Lusaka To Kitwe Booking Contacts

ack logistics bus irizar
ack logistics bus irizar

ACK Logistics Limited Is a Zambia based established company serving the transport Industry in The SADC regions. The firm is registered under the company’s Act of the laws of Zambia.

The core business of the company is to transport goods in any form within southern region of Africa.

The company has Courier Group as well as The Passenger Transport service Group which comprises all of their buses and trailers.

ACK Logistics boast to provide quality service delivery and to conduct business in the most professional and efficient way for the purpose of satisfying their customers’ needs and wants.

They aim to be the market leader in southern region of Africa by enhancing the economies of scale through cost effective and reliably transporting goods on time.

To continue growing the market share and offering competitive rates by offering superior service and optimal use of scarce resources available.

ACK Logistics Ltd Fleet Line

They have modern fleet to transport their passengers in a comfort and safe manner in all of their routes within and outside of Zambia. Their fleet comprises of Scania bus models with a beautiful bodies of Marcopolo, Irizar and Higer.

Their buses have 2 by 3 seating arrangement for Scania Irizar and Marcopolo models while Scania Touring have 2 by 2 seating arrangement.

Their seats are reclining with enough Legs room to give you a comfort trip while your enjoying on board A/C.

They have Free Wifi on their buses for you to enjoy internet services while you smartphones are plugged on USB charging system available on their buses.

Their Buses have on board entertainment like Television services and music system for you to enjoy.

ACK Logistics Ltd Service Line

Their core purpose of the coaches is a public transport of passenger within Zambia and across their boarders at a competitive price.

The transportation of Passengers must be according to the customers expected standard regarding, quality service delivery, safe arrival without delays.

Their ultimate corporate goal is to execute high quality service delivery in order to meet customers’ expected standards through professional staff’s competency and efficiency.

ACK Logistics secondary goal is to ensure that company adhere to the national and international laws so as to avoid the disruption of the company operation due to legal actions,

They also transport Parcels to all of their destinations within Zambia and out of their boarders. Their buses have trailers for transporting a buck of luggage of their customers to all destinations.

While you are traveling with this company buses, You will enjoy on board meals, drinks and snack for free from their servants.

ACK Logistics Ltd Bus Routes

Lusaka To Chipata
Lusaka To Kitwe
Lusaka To Ndola
Lusaka To Johannesburg

The Company Office Contacts For Enquiry

ACK Logistics
Address :Plot 12649 New Mwembeshi Road, Industrial area, Lusaka
Phone : +260 977 585051
+260 977 159584

Office located at Intercity Bus Terminus, Dedan Kimathi road Lusaka.
Phones: +260 964 749998
+260 979 433936

Email : info@acklogistics.com


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