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Abood Bus Online Booking Contact Number And Ticket

Abood Bus.
Abood Bus.

Abood Bus Is a Division of Abood Group of company which own and operates a fleet of luxurious coaches within the mainland Tanzania.

The company has been in the transport Industry since 1986 when their first bus launched for intercity trip. Since then the comapny has grown up to own a fleet of more than 100 buses.

Their first route was Morogoro to Dar es salaam city. But currently the company cover almost the whole part of the country with their modern buses.

Which Fleet Used By Abood Bus?

The company has undergone a major changes in their Fleet list by writing off their Marcopolo buses powered by Scania and Investing to Chinese Yutong buses.

Currently the company own and operates Luxurious Yutong Buses. THis buses comes with various on board Amenities, Services and features as follows.

2 By 1 VIP Seats, 2 By 2 Luxury Reclining Seats, Television, Music System, Air Conditioner, Free WiFi and Washroom,. Other includes Reading Lights, Luggage Compartment, USB Charging Ports and many more feature on Abood Bus.

Which Services Does AboodBus Offer?

Abood Bus offer daily transport services for People, Parcel and small luggage in the country. Travelers can have direct route between regions at an affordable prices.

The company offer day and night travel to Passengers with their Luxurious buses. Ticket is available at their offices for Pre-Booking and On time Booking.

Travelers can get their Tickets while seated at home by calling customer services number or by following the Booking Link below this post. The company accept Mobile Money for Online Booking.

What Is Abood Bus Routes And Timetable?

Below is the company bus routes, timetable and prices to help you planning your Journey.

Dar es salaam To Arusha
06:30 AM, 07:00 PM, 08:00 PM, 09:00 PM
Bus Fare 40,000

Dar es salaam To Tabora
07:00 PM
Bus Fare 45,000

Dar es salaam To Bukoba
08:00 PM
Abood Bus Fare 90,000

Bukoba To Dar es salaam
07:00 PM

Morogoro To Arusha
06:00 AM, 07:30 AM, 08:00 PM

Arusha To Morogoro
05:00 AM, 06:00 AM, 08:00 PM

Dar es salaam To Mwanza
04:00 PM
Abood Bus Fare Luxury 70,000 VIP 80,000

Dar es salaam To Mbeya
06:00 AM
Bus Fare 45,000

Dar es salaam To Tunduma
05:00 AM
Bus Fare 53,000

Morogoro To Dar es salaam
Every 30 Minutes Bus Depart
Bus Fare 13,000

What Is Abood Bus Contact Number?

For Booking, Timetable and Bus Fare Inquiries please get in touch with them on the Phone Number below.

Abood Bus Service Limited P.O Box 127 Morogoro, Tanzania Msamvu, Morogoro


Customer Care & WhatsApp Number: +255748 771 551


Abood Bus Interior Seats


  1. My name is Yusuf M. Kilala, am at MLANDIZI I would like to know fare amount to Mwanza.

  2. Hlw,I would like to know fare from dar es salaam to bukoba


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