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Abood Bus Online Booking Contacts, Timetable, Fares

Abood Bus.
Abood Bus.

Abood Bus Services is an Intercity bus company with affordable long distance travel in Tanzania and a unique national network.

Founded in 1986, This Company is the largest provider of intercity bus transportation, serving more than five destinations within Tanzania with a modern, environmentally friendly fleet.

It has become a Tanzanian icon, providing safe, enjoyable and affordable travel to nearly 1 million passengers each year in Tanzania.

Abood Group Of Companies Fleet Line

Abood Bus Company Own very Luxury fleet of more than 40 Coaches operating from Morogoro To other towns in Tanzania.  Currently they have a large investment in Yutong Bus model and few coaches being Scania bus model which used to go for an upcountry routes.

The company luxury coaches are  Yutong model which have 2 by 2 seating arrangement with enough Legs space for a comfort travell. Each seat on their buses have USB charging system for you to charge your smartphones.

Their buses have an A/C services all the way long and also they have a free WiFi services for you to enjoy smart internet during your trips.

Entertainments services are available on all of their buses whereby Television services from a plasma half set of Tv are switched on all the way. Don’t forget their bus also are fitted with a good sound system to play a good music and listening from their television.

Abood Bus Company Services Line

The company provide daily bus services from their Headquarter Town, Morogoro to other towns and cities in Tanzania mainland. They offer daily trips at a well scheduled timetable.

The company first trip and departures is scheduled at 06.00 AM, This is for all terminals in all regions followed by an interval of 30 minutes bus departure every hour in Dar es salaam and Morogoro.

They do transport both Passengers and Parcels at an affordable prices. Booking iv available at all their offices in the terminals and their private offices out of the terminals.

You can also make a Booking Of Abood Bus Tickets by calling those phone numbers listed below this post.

The Company Live Bus Routes

Morogoro To Dar es salaa
Morogoro  To Arusha
Morogoro  To Mwanza
Dar es salaam  To Mwanza
Dar es salaam  To Mbeya
Dar es salaam  To Tunduma
Dar es salaam  To Kilombero
Dar es salaam  To Iringa
Dar es salaam To Tabora

 Abood Bus Company Office Contacts For Enquiry

P.O Box 127 Morogoro, Tanzania
Tel: +255 (0) 23 2613 851 / 589
Fax +255 (0) 23 2603 039
Email: info@aboodgroup.com

+255 754 560941 / +255757 106454

Dar es Salaam
Telephone: +255 22-2112474

Dar es Salaam
Telephone: +255 22-2450470

Abood Bus Interior Seats


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